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Rustic Carved-look Hutch in One Inch Dollhouse Scale


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Helene the Aging Starlet in One Inch Dollhouse Scale


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Susie, a One Inch Scale Polymer Clay Doll


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Quarter Scale Fairy House in a One Inch Scale Tree Stump


Item collection 5683982 original Gallery hero 5683982 original

Gingerbread Cookie Prep Board in One Inch Dollhouse Scale


Item collection 4325267 original Gallery hero 4325267 original

Skeleton Bride and Groom in One Inch Scale


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Handmade and vintage dollhouse miniatures for your miniature home

I have been making scale dollhouse miniatures for over 20 years and I am so excited to be able to share some of my creations with you. These items are intended for adult collectors and are not suitable for children under 12.

Please take a moment to read over my shop policies before purchasing.